Kube Essentials


The new Kube Essentials offers an affordable unit that still packs a punch with unmatched charging capabilities, versatility, and engaging design. Kube Essentials charges ALL mobile electronics, including laptops with an AC power outlet. The option of a Qi Charging Pad accessory allows guests to drop and charge smartphones.

Kube Essentials ensures investment protection with built-in charging cables that are completely upgradeable to next generation charging formats, including USB Type-C (reversible plug capability).

As a clock, the LCD is large and easily seen from across the room. It features simple dimming controls, a straightforward alarm set and snooze button.

With a compact and sleek design featuring a waterfall display trimmed with a chrome edge, the Kube Essentials won’t clutter the bedside table and will look fabulous with any guest room decor.



* 2 x Built-in Replaceable Charging Cables (Apple LTG & Micro USB)

* USB-C Capable (3 amp output)

* 2 x USB Ports (up to 2.1 amp)

* AC Power Socket for Laptops

* Ambient Light Sensor with manual control

* Intuitive Single Day Alarm

* Wireless Charging Base Accessory Upgrade Option

* Security tethering option