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• Easy for Staff • Designed for Guests • Cost Effective Clean Remote

clean remote

Clean Remote automatically connect to LG & Samsung TV

Works on all Samsung & LT TV with no set-up. Easy one touch setup for all other brands


Philips mediasuite

Now with Netflix

Philips MediaSuite TV is with Netflix platform. That means your staff and guests can rest assured with an optimised experienced that delivers seamless usability, the latest updates and superior reliability.

Kube systems

kube 5 portable system

Charge anywhere. Charge it on Kube.

The Kube 5 portable gives your guests the ideal opportunity to charge their device while relaxing at the bar, lounging in the pool area, working in a conference room, or meeting at the lobby. it is the ultimate portable charging system complete with docking station housing 5 Kube Portable chargers

With 50 years of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you

Brands we work with

Nationwide Installation

Our project team and experienced engineers will work with you directly to deliver a bespoke installation package using only the best quality and affordable products on the market.

TV Accessories

We keep in stock branded remote controls from LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony & more. Please contact us on 020 8953 0160 for more information.

EOL Products on offer

Avoid disappointment and don’t miss out on our amazing last minute deals with great discounts. Limited availability. Call us on 020 8953 0160 now!.

Global Entertainment Management (UK) Ltd

Our Team has been providing products and service to the UK & International marketplace since 1973. We represent many top manufactures and distributors of many international brands outside of North America.

What started as a small local company soon grew into a diversified company that was selling all types of products and equipment. Aside of our core business, which is Hospitality TV/Hotel TV, we supply many products in other categories: iHome, Clean Remote, Biodegradable Keycards and more.

Contact us today on 020 8953 0160 or click on the link below.


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