Premium Entertainment App for Hospitality & Healthcare

Airtime has been specifically designed for hospitality
selection of over 200 movies

Stream Premium Movies into your hotel for

In-room entertainment streamed instantly to the hospitality TV, providing a five-star video-on-demand service. Guests will benefit from seeing movies before they are available on other consumer services.

No PMS interface licenses are required, no capital costs for servers or set-top boxes, and their associated energy costs. This is a value-added service for guests and patients.

Compatible hospitality platforms

selection of over 200 movies with dubbing and subtitles in up to 14 languages

There are also 5 free Live TV channels included, as well as fitness and wellness content featuring Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Health and wellness programs from MyZen, are now available on Airtime.

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