EasySuite 32HFL4014/12

philips 32"

Surprise and delight with a professional IPTV. Cost-effective central management, quick installation, and a customizable UI make this a flexible solution. Philips world-renowned
picture quality always engages

  • Beautifully clear, high-contrast image 
  • Be seen. Brand the TV’s UI with your logo 
  • Built-in scheduler. Advertise, inform, communicate
  • IPTV. Provide channels over IP. Install your own UI
  • CMND & Control. Operate, update, maintain
  • CMND & Create. Develop and launch your own content
  • Instant initial cloning. Rapidly configure Pro TVs
  • Serial Xpress Protocol. Connect external decoders and STB
  • MyChoice compatible. Built-in pay-to-view solution
  • 3 years warranty, extendable to 5 years
  • Low operational cost. From installation to deployment

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